Question 1: What is the definition of limited lifetime warranty?

Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) is the period in which the D-Link product is still covered under warranty service for as long as the product is still owned by the original customer, or up to five years after the product’s discontinuance, whichever occurs first.

Question 2: What are the models or product lines covered in LLW?

a. Unmanaged Switches: DES-1008F, DES-1008P, DES-1016D, DES-1018DG, DES-1024D, DES-1026G, DES-1048, DES-1050G, DGS-1016D, DGS-1024D

b. Smart Switches: DES-1200 series, DGS-1200 series, DES-2100 series

c. Managed Switches: DES-3000 series, DGS-3100 series, DGS-3200 series, DGS-3400 series, DES-3500 series, DGS-3600 series, DES-3800 series

d. Business Wireless Products: DWS-3000 series, DWS-4000 series, DWL-3140AP,
DWL-3500AP, DWL-8500AP, DWL-8600AP, and all AirPremier and AirPremier N family .

e. Firewall Security Appliances: NetDefend family


Note: The list above is subject to change, please refer to the website http://warranty.dlink.com for the latest update.


Question 3: Are modules, power supplies & fans included in LLW?

Modules, internal power supplies and fans are covered. Tranceivers and external power adaptors will follow existing warranty terms.

Question 4: What products are not covered in LLW?

a. Chassis switches, which are covered for two years warranty.
b. All other products not in the list, including but not limited to D-Link consumer-class products, which are covered for one year warranty.
c. Software, spare parts and spare kits are covered for 90 days warranty.

Question 5: What are the conditions for customers to get the LLW?

Products purchased on or after October 1, 2009 in the regions where D-Link LLW is implemented (please refer to D-Link LLW to http://warranty.dlink.com) are eligible warranty as indicated in the list.

Customers are expected to register products in D-Link product registration portal http://register.dlink.com within 30 days after the purchase or installation date to receive warranty service.

Question 6: Does LLW apply for the products purchased before Oct. 1st, 2009?

No, the products purchased before October 1, 2009 are eligible only for existing warranty terms. The warranty expired date is the “purchase date + existing warranty period”.

Question 7: Does LLW apply for the products registered over 30 days after purchase?

Yes, customers will still get LLW without product registration, but they will need to provide proof of purchase on or after October 1, 2009. The registration information will be used in D-Link call centers to provide better services to customers.

Question 8: What is the warranty start date in LLW registration system?

If end-users purchase and install the products by themselves, the date of purchase will be entered in the registration system as the warranty start date. If D-Link or its authorized channels install the products for end customers, the installation date will be entered as the warranty start date.

Question 9: Does LLW support the products purchased from other regions?

No, LLW does not apply to products purchased through gray market or parallel import.

Question 10: Does LLW support the products other than the original customers?

No, LLW ownership is not transferable.

Question 11: What is the warranty expired date of LLW products?

Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) means the warranty will only end five years after D-Link
(or its successor) discontinues sales of the product in the region. You must register your product to get the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Question 12: How can I get the service for the product within limited lifetime warranty period?

The way to get D-Link service is the same for all products within warranty period, regardless of whether LLW or existing warranty terms. Please contact D-Link call center or service center if you need more information. Contact information is available at your local or regional D-Link website.